In few months, you will be able to find here, at a very competitive price, a wide range of products that are currently on sale in the WOMENSWEAR and MENSWEAR sections. We refer to those that will be repurchased to the first users at the end of the season.

All the products shown in our ARCHIVE section will be previously reconditioned: sanitized with own technology (certified by the EU) avoiding the use of water or, in case of needing water, with industrial machinery equipped with filters to avoid the leak of microplastics. Then, products will be labeled again with the original tags, packaging and with all the guarantee of authenticity and traceability, ensuring that all of them come directly from brands and designers supply chain, across their official wholesale channels.

This sale and resale process will be repeated as many times as the lifecycle of the garment allows, encouraging circularity, introducing reverse logistics in transactions, reconditioning and/or repairing the product upon arrival at our warehouses and consequently extending product's lifespan in the best possible conditions.

We will never put on sale in here any product that has not been first sold as new in official partner stores or in our WOMENSWEAR, MENSWEAR or GENDERLESS sections. We will never feed our product offer with particular suppliers like the peer to peer models.

That's why this Archive section needs a few months to be available.
Doing things well takes some time... So please, come back later to this section!

At the end of the process, no matter if it was 2 or 30 users, we have the commitment of recycling the article according to the new EU regulations on textiles, providing certified documentation that any garment in our platform will never end up in landfill.

If you want to know more, have a look to our Sustainability section.